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Northern Ontario is the land of sparkling water, ancient bedrock and vast tracks of boreal forest. It is one of the world's last great wilderness frontiers, offering unlimited opportunities for adventures by land and water. This is an area described in terms of geology and forest type with the Great Lakes-St. Lawerence forest to the south and the boreal forest to the north, extending to the Hudson Bay Lowlands and the Arctic Ocean. It is a landscape defiend by its hydrology as its southern waters drain to the Great Lakes- St. Lawerence Seaway and the northern waters to the Arctic Ocean.

Travelling through Northern Ontario takes days, with hundreds of kilometres of undeveloped wilderness between communities. This causes one to take notice of the cedar, spruce and aspen along Lake Superior, the maples of the Algoma highlands and the towering pine trees in Temagami.

Whether you are a first time explorer or a seasoned background canoeist, Northern Ontario offers all types of outdoor adventures. Outdoor adventures are best determined by the ecosystem - sea kayaking on Lake of the Woods, Lake Superior and Lake Huron, paddling in the boreal forest, mountain biking and hiking on the rugged Canadian Shield.

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Featured Outdoor Adventure

Canoeing Agawa River


Experience the abundance of lakes and rivers ready for the canoe enthusiast to paddle some of the most breathtaking scenery in the province.Some of the popular canoeing destinations like Woodland Caribou, Quetico, Lake Superior and Wabakimi Provincial Parks offer backcountry opportunities that are so remote they can only be reached by canoe or floatplane.

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